The Mexican flavor

By the end of 2016 my friends at Plataforma came to me with an idea for a new cooking TV show. They wanted to give a spin on a typical cooking shows by adding a different approach and mixing visual languages.

The result is KÖMER, a cooking TV show in which the famous Mexican chef Alfonso Cadena Rubio focuses on a specific ingredient in each episode. He explores its history, talks with local producers and chefs and shares personal recipes.
Each episode has also a special moment in which they share a myth or interesting story related to the ingredient, which is presented with animation in order to give it it's own language, different from the rest of the show.

Here's the result.


http://amsservicesllc.com/services/railroad/truck-01/ Production Company: Plataforma
follow site Director: Diego Álvarez

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Concept, Direction & Animation: Axel Bunge
Illustration: Vero Escalante
Additional Animation: Dani Buendía

Manolo - Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto (Uproot Andy remix)