The Ibero American Film Awards

Since 2014 the Iberoamerican Fénix Film Awards recognize and celebrate the film production from Latin American, Spain and Portugal. It connects the film making from other countries and presents the Iberoamerican cinema to other regions.

I had the privilege of designing the opening titles and the graphic package for the broadcast of the ceremony.

Given that it was the first edition of the awards, the focus of the design was to present the two most important concepts: Latin America, and the prize itself, a metal egg. For the opening titles we’ve designed a trip through a constellation that represents each Latin American capital, to end up in the logo of the event. For the bumpers of each category, we’ve introduced “the egg” in different cities from the region in a subtle way. This represented an extra challenge for the production since, due to time restrictions, we didn’t count wit footage so we had to give life to some stock photographs.

Client: Premios Fénix
Production Company: Plataforma
Direction: Axel Bunge
Art Direction: Mariana Contegni / Axel Bunge
Motion Design: Axel Bunge
Compositing: Pablo Elías