By the end of 2016 my friends at Plataforma came to me with an idea for a new cooking TV show. They wanted to give a spin on a typical cooking shows by adding a different approach and mixing visual languages.

The result is KÖMER, a cooking TV show in which the famous Mexican chef Alfonso Cadena Rubio focuses on a specific ingredient in each episode. He explores its history, talks with local producers and chefs and shares personal recipes.

Each episode has also a special moment in which they share a myth or interesting story related to the ingredient, which is presented with animation in order to give it it's own language, different from the rest of the show.

Here's a reel of those animation segments.

Production Company: Plataforma
Director: Diego Álvarez

Animation Segments
Direction: Axel Bunge
Illustration: Vero Escalante, Rocío Quirós
Animation: Axel Bunge, Dani Buendía

Manolo - Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto (Uproot Andy remix)